Hi there! I'm an Ex-Googler who has worked in tech for over nine years.


I help aspiring tech professionals land their dream jobs & DOUBLE their income in as little as EIGHT WEEKS



Meet Camille

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If you are even the slightest bit interested about launching your own successful tech career, you might know how challenging it is to develop a great resume, identify the ideal job for your skillset, nail your interviews and land a job offer. This is where I come in to help.

I’m a startup founder and launched my career at Google in 2009. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working for several of the largest, most competitve, and fastest-growing tech companies in the world – including YouTube, Instagram, Uber and Facebook (where I am currently). I’m also an Amherst College graduate, Philly native, former New Yorker, and current San Francisco resident.

Career coaching is something I’ve done for many years and it truly is a labor I love. Ever since college, I’ve enjoyed counseling others, editing folks’ resumes, and helping people prepare for interviews. I recently created #GettingIntoTech – a free masterclass that gives you all the tools I’ve learned over the years to present and package yourself successfully throughout your interview process.

I’m also very excited to be launching my first ever 8-week group coaching class aimed at landing my students’ job offers that make them 30-50% more than what they currently make, within 8 weeks or less. If you’re interested in getting some free guidance or joining the class, let’s chat! You can schedule a call with me here.


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Recent Student Win


Malachi Vincent, Product Development Specialist at Facebook

“Eight years ago I dropped out of college to start my own company. Unfortunately it didn’t end up working out the way I’d hoped, and to pay the bills I had to take odd jobs here and there. I found myself in a rut, and despite my skills and ambition, it was hard to break into tech. I’d always wanted to work at a big tech company, but never thought it would be possible without my college degree.”

“But working with Cam was transformational. She gave my resume a makeover, helped me perfect my story to sell my unique value, coached me through every interview, and helped me negotiate the highest compensation package I’ve ever seen.”

“With Cam’s coaching, I landed 3 job offers in tech, and increased my earnings by +97%!!”



Camille has changed my life. I wasn’t sure if and when I would ever move into tech which is the direction I wanted to take my career in for years, but Camille empowered me to find my truth and the courage to take big risks (that have definitely paid off) I am beyond grateful.
— Former Client, currently at Apple.
Camille is a great coach. She’s able to hold a lot of information in her mind at once, including my challenges, goals, and personal story. Without her, I never would have gotten my job. Camille checks on me frequently and she will always be someone I consider a mentor.
— Former Client, Account Manager at Square
Camille brings a personal touch to all of her work. She is great at helping you tell your story and match the skills you have to what employers want to see and hear. I will continue to utilize her expertise throughout my working life.
— Former Client, Marketing Manager at Slack


…going from working as a nanny to working at Google, overnight.

That’s what happened to me.

Failed interviews? Been there. No clue what company, let alone job to even apply for?

Been there, too. 

I broke into tech in 2009, and I’ve been helping others launch their careers ever since.

Fear of Failure…

is totally normal. We’ve ALL been there.

But let me tell you a secret…

The success of your job search is not personal, it’s math.

It’s the sum of your preparation, presentation & packaging.

This equation is how I landed jobs at Uber, Facebook, and Google…

Are you ready to let me help you?


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